Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be a wrap star this holiday season: Beaded wrap bracelet tutorial

A preview of my bracelet tutorial, as featured in the upcoming November/ December issue of the Maryland Women's Journal, Montgomery County Edition.

We all know the holiday season can become stressful and hectic. Based on my background as an Art Therapist, I cherish the process of creating as a way to relax, recharge, and restore a sense of playfulness to my life.  As a full time jewelry designer, I fell in love with these chic and easy to create wrap bracelets.  Try this simple project to add a little rejuvenating sparkle to your holidays.  Memory wire makes these bracelets versatile, as they will adjust to fit any wrist.  

Tools and Supplies:
  • Heavy duty wire clippers (do not use delicate jewelry clippers with memory wire)
  • Round nose or chain nose pliers
  • One package bracelet sized memory wire
  • An assortment of beads.  Use beads of the same color family in different shades and styles for a fun Boho-Chic look.  
  • (Optional) Hollow rubber or velour tubing, cut into various lengths. 
To assemble the bracelet:
  • Decide how wide you want your bracelet.  For the pieces pictured, I used between 5 and 8 loops of coiled memory wire. Cut the wire slightly longer than the finished piece will be.
  • Use the pliers to curl or loop back one end of the bracelet.  Hold the wire firmly in one hand, and use the pliers to curl back the tip of the wire, against the direction of the curve in the wire.
  • Start beading the wire, using either a repeated pattern, or have fun using random placement.  For one bracelet, I used various lengths of velour tubing with crystal and turquoise beads in symmetrical groupings.  For the next two, I used a random selection of blue or black and gray beads.
  • To avoid tangles in the coiled memory wire, hold the wire perpendicular at the end that is not looped, and allow the beads to travel down the coil to the looped end.
  • When you have completed beading the bracelet, cut the wire just short of 1/2" from the last bead.  Make sure the beads are pushed tightly together, then create another wire loop.
  • Voila! Your bracelet is complete.  If you are like me, you will want to create another! 
  • Add some beaded dangles and charms to the end loops for some added punch :)
Note: Wear protective goggles when cutting memory wire, as small pieces of cut wire could cause injury. 
Use pliers to curl back the tip of the wire by going against the direction of the curve in the wire.
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