Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Polymer clay plus gemstones for Rachael Ray!

I am very excited to share my latest opportunity via The Artisan Group!  I am contributing a necklace that will be included in a special swag bag for the lovely Rachael Ray.  I have recently become interested in using gemstones in my polymer clay jewelry, and decided this was the perfect time to focus on gemstones as I created a unique piece for her.
Rachael Ray, photo by The Heart Truth

Here is the necklace I will be sending Rachael:
Necklace featuring a lab sapphire (orange padparadscha) and natural garnets from
Kathryn Designs
I read that her favorite color is orange, so I decided to use a gorgeous orange lab sapphire.  I paired it with four natural garnets.  The background is luminous peach, pink, and gold, and the bezel was hand formed using polymer clay.  I am so excited about this new direction for my work!  Here is another sample of a piece I created using a beautiful Olivine CZ and moonstones:

More to come as I pursue my newest obsession in jewelry making!  I have lots of stones that I have purchased over the years, and now I know what I will be doing with them.

Here's hoping Rachael loves her new necklace! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Signs of spring: Polymer clay jewelry by Artfire Artisans

I am about "this close" to turning on the air conditioning today!  I guess spring is here in Maryland.  At least, I hope it is, because I am not a fan of winter.  In honor of this lovely weather, I would like to feature some lovely work by a few of my fellow guild members from the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild on Artfire.

First, I found this gorgeous necklace by member Averilpam:
I love the beautiful sky blue color of the disc beads and the contrast with the brown beads, plus the organic feel of the disc beads that she created for this piece.  That blue color just sings "spring" to me!

Next, I came upon this lovely retro styled flower pendant by Christina Kosinski Designs
She describes this pendant as having a retro, hippie, 1970 style and I agree!  I am always a fan of vintage inspired jewelry creations and I think she really captured that 70's feeling in a modern and creative piece of jewelry.  

Finally, in honor of spring, I found this lovely flower necklace by Strange Whimsy:
This pendant reminds me of a dogwood blossom, and that is one of my fondest spring memories from my childhood in Louisville, KY.  I really love the pretty, soft colors she used in this, as well as the sculptural effects of the petals.  

I hope spring is here to stay!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Chelsea Rendon modeling Kathryn Designs at GBK Oscars Luxury Gift Lounge

I am so honored that beautiful Chelsea Rendon loved my display piece at the GBK Oscars Gift Lounge so much, she chose to wear it for a photograph at the event!
I will be sending her this display piece in addition to the necklace she received in her swag bag.

Chelsea Rendon is best known for her role in the Oscar Nominated movie, "A Better Life".  Demian Bichir, who plays Carlos Galindo in the movie, was nominated for Best Actor! Chelsea was also in the movie "Nine Lives" and has been in episodes of "Flash Forward" and "Judging Amy."

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the gift lounge and upcoming events for Kathryn Designs. We will be participating in a very special Mother's Day Gift bag for celebrity mothers this May.  We are also going to be participating in a great charity event for the organization Just for Girls in Manatee County, Florida.  They provide developmental, educational, and preventative services for teen girls to help them stay safe and succeed in life.  They are hosting a fashion show on March 10, and one of the models will be sporting jewelry by Kathryn Designs.  The same jewelry will be up for bidding at their silent auction event in May.