Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kathryn Designs Artifact Amulet to appear on "The Vampire Diaries"

     On my birthday, I got an amazing phone call! A few months back, I had submitted a piece of my jewelry to the stylist for the hit CW show "The Vampire Diaries" via The Artisan Group.  It turns out they want to use my necklace on the show!  My Artifact Amulet Necklace is scheduled to be worn on the show on episode 12, season 5, which will air in December.
Artifact Amulet Necklace by Kathryn Designs

     I was inspired to create an "elegant dagger" design, using Goldie Bronze metal clay and a lovely faceted smoky quartz stone. The result is a unique piece of art jewelry that combines old world design with a modern sensibility.
     Click HERE to read all about it! I will post updates once the show airs in December.