Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wow, Kathryn Designs made necklaces for Zooey Deschanel and Jessica Alba!

     Finally sitting down to write about the awesome experience of creating necklaces for Zooey Deschanel and Jessica Alba. As a member of  The Artisan Group, I have been given the fabulous opportunity to participate in special gift bags for these two talented ladies.

Photo by Joe Cerehino

  Zooey Deschanel is currently starring in the Fox series New Girl, and you might remember her from the movies Almost Famous and (500) Days of Summer, among many others.  She is also a talented musician and singer and has released two albums with M. Ward, under the name She & Him.  

She is quite the style icon, so I was a little daunted by choosing a necklace to create for her.  I decided to create one of my Open Locket necklaces, since it is the style I am gifting at the GBK Luxury Gift Lounge for the 2012 Oscars.  Fingers crossed that she likes it! 

Open Locket Necklace

Photo by Lindsey 8417

    Jessica Alba is known for her role in the television series Dark Angel as well as her movie roles in Sin City, Fantastic Four, and Good Luck Chuck.  She is married to Cash Warren, and is the gorgeous mother of two children, Honor and Haven.

Again, I was overwhelmed by the idea of creating something for this talented lady.  To celebrate her beautiful children, I decided to create a custom necklace including a collage of the birth month flowers of her two girls.  The flower for Honor is the rose (June) and Haven's flower is the poppy (August).

Custom Birth Month Flower Necklace (collage images from

I had so much fun with these two projects! I am so honored to be a member of The Artisan Group.
I am still working on my 100 necklaces for the GBK Gift Lounge for the Oscars.  I am hoping to finished with them by this weekend.  I am up to my neck in resin lately!  I will be posting photos soon. 
Happy holiday season!



Alexis Gopal said...

Beautiful pieces!!! They are soooo lucky!!

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Oh!!! I love them! Way to go Kathryn, the necklaces are beautiful! I am sure they will love them! <3

KathrynDesigns said...

Thank you Alexis and Jennifer! I'm pretty darn excited :)