Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't you love a nice suprise? Kathryn Designs on the myStyle Shop-It List!

I was so thrilled and honored when I saw that my mosaic bangle was included in the April 12th myStyle.com Shop-It List!
Handcrafted Mosaic Bangle

As my shop is still fairly new, I was very excited to get such great exposure on the very chic myStyle.com.
I was even more honored when I saw that my item was included with beautiful items including a Yarnz Printed Cashmere ScarfMichael Kors Project Suede Fragrance,  and gorgeous candle from a fellow member of The Artisan Group, Deborah Carducci of Villa Lusso.  

My journey continues, and I have two exciting gifting events coming up via The Artisan Group.  First up is a Mother's Day gift bag that will be received by amazing celebrity mothers.  Kathryn Designs will also be a part of the GBK Gift Lounge MTV Movie Awards press and industry mixer gifting.
I feel so grateful that I am able to pursue my dream and build my jewelry business.

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Lucy Chapman said...

Good luck in your journey! It is exciting isn't it! (Speaking as a fellow The Artisan Group member)