Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trying new things....bracelets, bracelets, bracelets!

Although I have been busy working on 100 pendants that will be included in the GBK Gift Lounge for the Oscars in February, 2012, I have managed to finally come up with some bracelet designs that I like.  After making pendants, necklaces, and the occasional pair of earrings, I needed to try something new!  I guess I was waiting for inspiration to strike, and it did when I created this necklace:

  I liked how the bright colors and design of this necklace conveyed a playful feeling, so I decided to use the same theme for this bangle bracelet:

My next idea was to make a square bangle, and use those cheerful, bright colors as stripes rather than dots:

Next, I started thinking about making a cuff bracelet.  I found a great tutorial by Donna Kato on HGTV.  I utilized her construction technique, which uses embedded wire to add strength, and added one of my open locket pendant forms: 

It is a good thing polymer clay is lightweight, because I seem drawn to making "statement" bracelets!  I plan on making more in the above styles, and will be working on some new ideas as well. 

Finally, I want to congratulate my team members from The Artisan Group for being so well received at the GBK Primetime Emmy's Gift Lounge.  Also, be sure check out and "like" The Artisan Group facebook page for a chance to win some great prizes when they reach 2000 fans! 

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